Let’s Return To Nature…

This is where the fun begins and the creation on paper become a reality in your backyard!

We are here to help as many people as possible return to nature. So no matter what your budget is, if you’re willing to work with us, we will be able to create some level of our intuitive landscaping style into your world.

Over the years, we have created gardens ranging from small front yards of $3,000 right through to larger projects of $150,000 and everything in between.

Unlike our other services, we are unable to provide set pricing packages, because each person that comes to us, have their own individual needs for their new garden space. It is because of this that each project has it’s own individual pricing structure, all depending on the level of detail in the design, through to how easy it is for us to access the space.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Landscapers…

Anyone we have worked closely with, over the many years, will tell you the difference begins right from the start….

Our objective whenever taking on a new project, is to make you feel completely at ease with us, including anyone in your family, from children, to your beloved four legged furry friends.

We are family orientated women, with lots of loved ones, nieces and nephews in our lives, including pets of our own. We understand the importance of respect whilst working in another persons home. We believe the little things go along way, using manners, taking shoes off before being welcomed into someones home, turning up on time or letting our clients know if we have been held up on another project. We believe in these little things, because we would expect the same in our own home.

We look to make every experience with us easy. Yes there is a lot of work that goes into getting a landscape project off the ground, from creating the design, calculating the correct quantities of materials through to the nitty gritty parts of project management.

Unlike other landscapers, our final quotes are just that, final. We work very hard behind the scenes to ensure everything is taken care of, including adequately quoting our clients so the project runs smoothly. If at anytime further materials are needed or it takes us longer to complete a task, we absorb those costs ourselves, not you.

There is one small thing we ask of you though, and that is to be completely honest and transparent with us, in regards to anything to do with your home. If you are up front about everything, then we will carry out any landscaping duties for you, with your best interests at heart.

We are here to build a relationship with you. We are not here to just be another tradie providing a service to you. We have worked with many people over the years and those we have worked closely with, have become good friends of ours. We look to develop this sort or relationship with those who want the old fashioned way of dealing with a trades person. Going back to the days of face to face interaction and conversation. Going back to when you could have a chat with your local trades person down the street if you bump into them, where they would remember your kids names, your pets names and genuinely care how your family are going.

This is why we are different, we are women who enjoy developing new relationships, women who enjoy creating something special just for you and your family to enjoy and women who stand by their word…

What You Can Expect From Us…

  • There are NO hidden costs. Your ``Formal Quote`` is your final price.
  • We will be there when we say we will be there. We work to a schedule and like to stick to it, so for whatever reason we are unable to make it we will let you know.
  • You deal directly with us! We are responsibile for the installation of your garden and everything that goes along with carrying that out, including organising sub-contractors for any licensed work.
  • We are Women! And like our home we like to keep our work sites neat and tidy.
  • We will always treat your home as ``Your Home.`` As we see it we are guests in your home, whom just happen to be building you a beautiful garden.
  • You will be informed every step of the way. Unlike others, we like to converse and talk to our clients because creating a garden can be such a special experience and we want you apart of that journey!
  • We love what we do! So that being sad we bring that same passion and excitement to every garden we create.
  • Our gardens are made to last. We want you to enjoy your garden for many years to come with you family, friends and loved ones.
  • You are supported every step of the way! If at any point you have questions or any concerns please come and talk to us, we want this experience to be a pleasureable one, and we are here to listen and work with you.
  • When your garden is complete...You are still supported! Throughout the life of your garden you can email or call us at anytime with a questions you may have about maintaining your new garden, at no cost to you!
  • Lastly, we have fun...There will be laughter and a genuine happy vibe happening when your garden is built and any music we listen to will be safe for little ears.

Alisha & Tarnia from AT Garden Spaces went above and beyond in giving us an amazing landscaped native garden that benefits both our property value and local fauna.

Our small suburban front yard was completely transformed from neglected grass and plants to new soil, a dry creek bed and a plethora of vibrant native plants that complement each other and attracts bees and bird life. What a difference it has made already!

Alisha & Tarnia were always professional, helpful and creative throughout the planning process, with the added bonus of imparting their sustainability knowledge with us. These women work twice as hard as any landscaping business we’ve ever encountered, and produce better results for less or the same cost for their clients. No generic designs, their vision is unique, excellent plant selections, and they are truly passionate about not only the work they do but how their work contributes to biodiversity.

We would highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them both in the future. We have been enjoying our front garden as much as the bees that are pollinating it. Thanks Alisha & Tarnia!

Cranbourne East, Vic

Belinda & Sean TurnbullClient
Thanks to Alisha & Tarnia we were delighted to see our garden area completely rejuvenated with native plants and well blended landscaping. On that basis and also with excellent back up service, we have no hesitation in recommending AT Garden Spaces.
Wheelers Hill, Vic
Lynne & Barry FitzpatrickClient

Speaking to Alisha and Tarnia before appointing them for our outdoor works, we found them to be very professional and it was complemented with a warm and friendly approach.

Working with them was a very pleasant journey. They were very generous with their advice and guidance. Whatever works that were out of their expertise, they worked very hard to have them organized and done through their extensive network of contacts. Being on a tight budget, they also took great efforts in ensuring that costs were kept low but at the same time not compromising on the aesthetic aspects of the project.

At the end, we could not find any faults with their workmanship and we are certainly very pleased with their design and the finished result of the soft scapes.

Wheelers Hill, Vic