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Over the years we have found the consultation step, in any project, to be one of discovery. It is a chance for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you.

During this time of discovery, we will also come to understand what your needs and desires are for your new garden and how we can best accommodate those. We also get to look at your surrounding environment, Mother Nature, and see what she will need from your new garden too.

You will also find I am not shy when it comes to talking about new and exciting possibilities for your garden, whilst discovering how all of it can be tied into helping the environment. I like to share with you all I have learnt over the years, through my experience, in the hopes to help your understanding and appreciation of nature, grow.

After all our whole aim is to help you return to nature.

We understand each garden is unique in its own way, so we carefully design and plan out each garden to be just that. Yes we do run by a philosophy and provide a specific style of landscaping, but this does not mean your garden won’t have your own individual style, your essence and your energy.

It is because of this, we have a developed a variety of options for you when it comes to our consultation services. We want to ensure that no matter your budget, you would be able to access some level of our expertise and qualifications, to help you in reaching a tranquil sanctuary in your very home.

What Do You Need From Your New Garden Space?…

To help us better understand your dreams and desires for your new garden we have a small and easy questionnaire for you to go through on your right.

We encourage everyone who wants us to help them, to have a look, sit down and think “What Is It I Really Need From My Garden”?

You will find by taking the time, to go through these questions, just how much thought truly goes into creating a space that is symbiotic to you, your environment and Mother Nature.

And remember the more detail you give to us the more we will be able to create a tranquil space that is exactly what you need…

Your Questionnaire

Online Consult

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Online Consultation

If you are after some advice on any part of the garden, then our online consults may be just what you need! We offer online support through email and phone consultations, for anyone wanting just that little bit of professional help and advice without having to commit to a full onsite consultation.

You can use this time to ask us anything in relation to your existing garden or up and coming landscaping you may be taking on.

If necessary, we will also provide external information, on specific questions or send you to the right links and services needed to answer your questions.

You will have the ability to reach us, with two reply emails from us. We do ask though, if you could please keep each email to no more than 250 words so we can ensure we are able to thoroughly and promptly get back to you.

Our phone consults are based upon a period of up to 30 minutes, with any time there after charged in 15 minute interval blocks at $25 per interval.

Online consultations will require payment to be made upon booking your consult by direct transfer to AT Garden Spaces.

Initial Onsite Consult

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Onsite Initial Consult

We provide onsite initial consultations at request and these are generally our next step after an email exchange, running through some questions with you and a follow up phone call if you feel you need one.

During your initial consultation, we will run through previous portfolio work with you explaining costs and steps involved for developing these projects, any ideas you may have, along with professional feed back from us, on what is achievable in your space.

A quick site measure will also be taken during this time, in which we will be able to provide you a free, no obligation, landscape design proposal and an estimate for creating one of our gardens for you.

Our consults are based upon a period of up to 45 minutes, with any time there after charged in 15 minute interval blocks at $35 per interval.

Initial consults require 50% deposit to be made before date of consult via direct transfer to AT Garden Spaces.

Advanced Landscape Design Consult

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Advanced Landscape Design Consultation

We offer these consultations purely for those wanting design ideas and one on one contact with Alisha, in order for them to go and create their own garden.

During this time Alisha is an open book. We have been asked many things over the years so it is best to write down a few questions of your own before we come.

Here are some of the topics we have covered previously, but please feel free to ask us anything, in regards to your landscaping, during this time:

  1. Referral of our reputable trade contractors we use for our own projects.
  2. Recommendation of garden supply center’s we know and trust.
  3. Material options and where to buy them.
  4. Plant species recommendations.
  5. How to calculate areas in order to buy the right amount of product.
  6. Best option for spaces, utilizing space, sun exposure, access around the garden, etc.
  7. Sustainability ideas from easy through to more detailed and extensive projects.
  8. Where retaining is necessary.
  9. What hazards need to be looked at and addressed before any landscaping work.
  10. Things to think about when creating your garden.

We will also provide you with a full write up with what was discussed on the day with any additional information we have discussed and offered to provide to you.

This consult is for up to 90 minutes with anytime there after charged in 15 minute intervals at $45 per interval.

Advanced Landscape Design consultations require 50% deposit to be made before date of consult via direct transfer to AT Garden Spaces.

Correa - Autumn Blaze
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Eremophila glabra flower
Bracteantha yellow
Hi Alisha and Tarnia,
We were delighted to see our garden area completely rejuvenated with native plants and well blended landscaping. On that basis and also with excellent back up service, we have no hesitation in recommending AT Garden Spaces.
Lynne & Barry FitzpatrickClient

The garden brings us such happiness and calm, all due to your good work and knowledge. We often go out there and just watch the bees going from plant to plant and marvel at how much the garden looks different to when we just randomly planted anything anywhere.

We have planned the spaces together, however the superior knowledge and experience of the team has informed the wonderful results thus far.
Our existing treasured plants have thrived under their care and my garden work load is now non existent.
We have an excellent team who maintain our garden and plan fabulous new projects, which meet our environmental and cultural needs.
We love the attention to detail which reflects the teams knowledge of our lifestyle and our homes history.
Hard working, well informed and extremely professional, we are fortunate to have a team who work closely with us and provide such splendid results.