About Us

Hi There!

We are an enthusiastic and passionate team who relish in any opportunity to create sanctuaries for people, that help them ``Return to Nature``.
We love our local wild life and plant species and look to create safe havens for all who come in contact with our gardens.
From the little native frogs and birds, to your loved ones, each are just as important as the next.
We strive to build symbiotic gardens that work in harmony with all elements involved, both structural and living.
We believe everyone deserves to experience the wonders of Mother Nature and all she can bring to our lives.
Through her beauty, her energy and her unique sustainability, we draw our inspiration.
We look to all of these elements so we are able to imitate this back into the homes of as many people as possible.

Welcome, Welcome…

We love that you have decided to stop by and we welcome anyone with open arms who are looking to embrace our beautiful, awe inspiring Australian Landscapes back into their homes!

Even on the smallest of scales you can impact where you live, the environment that surrounds you and your own experience of what it means to return to nature.

Mother Nature is such a wondrous thing and if you haven’t already, we would love to guide, inspire and help you discover all that she can bring into your life and the lives of those around you.

As you have probably guessed we love our Australian flora and fauna and are extremely passionate about creating gardens that celebrate and help protect just this! What you may not have realised is what a journey it will be for you…

We like to collaboratively work with anyone who enlists our services and what you will find, as many before you, you will be taken upon a journey of education and understanding of our environment. Now I’m not saying we know all of the ins and outs of how to make this a better world, but we truly believe we are on the right path to getting there, and we want to share with you what we have learnt so far!

Our Team

Alisha Tummons
Director of Design & Construction Development
Alisha Tummons
Alisha’s passion is to design nurturing environments for their clients, whilst creating sanctuaries for our native flora & fauna.
Tarnia Hester
Director of Project Management and Construction Development
Tarnia Hester
Tarnia’s passions lie within organization and management. With her expertise you can be guaranteed all will run smoothly.

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A Little Something Extra For You!

This space is being developed as we speak!

You will have access to 3 of the biggest pain points I find our clients struggle with when creating a new garden.

Stay tuned to see what will come your way, for free of course, where I will be able to shed a little bit of light on some simple methods to help you on your way!

Hi Alisha and Tarnia,
We were delighted to see our garden area completely rejuvenated with native plants and well blended landscaping. On that basis and also with excellent back up service, we have no hesitation in recommending AT Garden Spaces.
Lynne & Barry FitzpatrickClient

The garden brings us such happiness and calm, all due to your good work and knowledge. We often go out there and just watch the bees going from plant to plant and marvel at how much the garden looks different to when we just randomly planted anything anywhere.

We have planned the spaces together, however the superior knowledge and experience of the team has informed the wonderful results thus far.
Our existing treasured plants have thrived under their care and my garden work load is now non existent.
We have an excellent team who maintain our garden and plan fabulous new projects, which meet our environmental and cultural needs.
We love the attention to detail which reflects the teams knowledge of our lifestyle and our homes history.
Hard working, well informed and extremely professional, we are fortunate to have a team who work closely with us and provide such splendid results.