Who Is Behind AT Garden Spaces?

Alisha and Tarnia are simply put “Down To Earth” girls who love living and leading Plant Based lives, with a passion to help return all of their clients to nature, whilst supporting Mother Nature and all who reside within her…

Individually growing up on rural properties, Alisha and Tarnia both have fond memories of being outside whether it was running around as kids do or getting their hands dirty helping in the garden. They both enjoyed the connection to Mother Nature whilst being outside.

Tarnia grew up in the country town of Koo Wee Rup, Alisha on small acreage in Cranbourne South and with the love of simply being outside they would eventually land themselves in the work they do today. Creating beautiful garden spaces that intuitively coexist with nature.

Alisha instinctively knew she needed to be outside creating and building to be happy and although it took her a few years after leaving school to get there, by 22 she found her way into the landscaping industry. Spending time as a mature age apprentice, studying at the Holmesglen Tafe along with night schooling in landscape design, she immerged with the vision of wanting to create beautifully structured gardens that flowed with and was inspired by our Australian Native Flora and Fauna.

Tarnia headed for the City in those early days and by doing so became a very accomplished customer relations and project manager. Years later when she too found her hands back in the Earth, she knew this is what made her happy and decided to leave the City Career path and step into landscaping.

Together these days Alisha and Tarnia are the faces and team behind AT Garden Spaces, a fully owned and operated female landscaping business.

Both with qualifications under their belts, Alisha with a Horticulture Cert III Landscape and Landscape Design Certificates, and Tarnia with a Project Management Certificate, combined with over 12 years of experience in the Landscaping Industry, these girls are nothing less than qualified to create and build the sanctuary intended for you!

The Philosophy Behind Their Work…

“The Connection Between Ourselves And Mother Nature Is Never Lost, Just Sometimes Forgotten”

It is all too easy to loose yourself in today’s world of wanting everything right now in your hands, in your lives. It’s often forgotten the connection we all have with nature, with its simplicities and pure joy it can bring to our lives…

This desire for something greater to not only enrich Alisha and Tarnia’s lives, but all of those they reach, is what sprouted AT Garden Spaces…

“We wanted to build garden spaces, sanctuaries, retreats, living tranquilities for  those who are either craving that connection or sometimes don’t realise how much they need it. They say just spending 5 minutes each day with your bare feet on the Earth will help calm down your nervous system and realign you with your inherent connection to nature…”

“Return To Nature” Is what immerged as how best to describe this attraction, the longing of connection to Mother Nature.

Designing, Building, Maintaining or Guiding people to bring this simple act back into their lives is what Alisha and Tarnia set out to do. They gather inspiration from Mother Nature and the Australian Bushlands. From the undulating rolling hills of the country side, rocky outcrops in regional towns, rivers and water cause ways making their way back to the oceans. All of these are integral parts of how they collaborate and design, the gardens, you see before you on this website…

Drawing inspiration from these elements is one thing, but they also understand the importance of protecting our natural environments, so sustainability is a large contributing factor in each garden they build. Even understanding where the materials are sourced, how they will impact the Earth, or what sort of footprint is left behind, all sit in the fore thought of every garden space designed…

“We believe every small act can make a huge difference, so even if it is creating a pot of your own herbs, swapping out exotic plants for your Australian Native species, creating a rain garden or in our case becoming Plant Based Eating Advocates, all help in the long run. Never under estimate the impact you can have on the world or another person through a simple gesture…”

Intorducing Alisha & Tarnia…

Alisha Tummons
Director of Design & Construction
Alisha Tummons
Alisha’s passion is to design nurturing environments for their clients, whilst creating sanctuaries for our native flora & fauna.
Tarnia Hester
Director of Project Management & Construction
Tarnia Hester
Tarnia’s passions lie within organization and management. With her expertise you can be guaranteed all will run smoothly.