Our Process

Following Our Simple Process Can Lead From This Before Backyard To This Sanctuary…

Where To Start?

We Have Mapped Out A Simple Six Step Process All To Help You Transform Your Backyard Into A Tranquil And Nurturing Sanctuary

Step One –

“Getting To Know You”

Being able to build the gardens that we do, we first need to start with you…

Creating a garden that encompasses everything you need and desire, whilst working with Mother Nature, takes an understanding on our behalf to really listen to you. We take the time to observe, listen and take into consideration all of your ideas, concerns and ultimate dreams for your new garden.

Now this all begins with a simple questionnaire…

Below we have developed a series of questions especially for you. These questions are designed to help you think about what you truly need and want from your new garden.

From here we will be able to understand what you need from your new garden and how we can create that for you.

Your Questionnaire

Step Two –

“Consultation and Estimation”

By now we have read through your information and have a better understanding of what you want from your new garden.

Now it’s time to meet and the “Initial Onsite Consultation” is our next port of call.

After reviewing all of the information you give us, from the questionnaire, we create a point by point list, which we run through with you on the day we visit.

We will discuss design ideas on the spot, look at measures to improve or fix any concerns you may have, for example drainage issues. We also look at and identify any other potential risks or structures that need to be addressed before landscaping construction can begin.

Lastly we assess how easy it will be to access the area to landscape and what measures need to be taken if access is difficult.

Once we have assessed everything we then perform a quick site measure to allow us to give you a rough estimate, either on the spot or via email within a couple days of our consult.

Step Three –

“Design Development”

Once you are happy with the estimation costs given in regards to the installation of your landscaping and design proposal, next is the Design phase of the project.

In this stage we take all of the information gathered, including all we have talked about, and develop it into a landscape design. This design will be developed in such a way that it will integrate with your home and your wants, whilst considering the needs of the environment around your home.

Specific plant species come into the creation of your design, both indigenous and native, all of which would be suitable for the environment and climate zones around your home. Material options come into play during this time too, as we envision your new garden and begin to put it down onto paper. We see how well all of these elements will integrate with any surround structures, such as colours and aesthetics of your home, ensuring all will flow freely from one to the other.

Step Four –

“Review, Revise And Implement”

Now we have put everything down onto paper, it is now time to review everything with you in person.

We revisit you onsite with the design, notes and images of plants and materials in hand. It is now time to sort out anything you do and do not like about the design. We will walk through everything with you, starting from one point in the design, then physically following it through on the area to be landscaped.

As we walk through the garden from paper to the physical, we will present images on all of the proposed plant species and materials for your new garden, in order. By walking with you, through the design like this, you will begin to achieve a sense of where elements will be placed and how they will look in your new garden space.

As with any of the stages this is also when you ask as many or as little questions as you need. Even after we’ve gone home if you think of anything please shoot us an email.

Once you are happy with all that has been presented to you we then move onto the quoting phase.

Step Five –

“Developing Your Quote”

If you have already read through our points on what you can expect from us then you will know our quotes are final, so you will not have any unexpected “extra” costs involved in the installation of your new garden.

In this step we take the final, approved landscape design and begin dissecting it down into all of its parts. From how many screws are needed, to how much soil your new garden will take, all of the elements are taken under consideration, so we can adequately quote the entire garden for you, to ensure everything is taken care of.

We break all of our quotes down into schedules that will coincide with your “Landscape Project Schedule.” This will give you the option to do sections at a time or follow each stage consecutively, until everything is done.

Step Six –

“Let’s Build Your Dream”

Now here comes the fun part!

Once you are happy with all parts of the design, quote, project schedule and our contract terms and conditions, we begin building your dream.

This is an extremely exciting time for all parties involved. You will begin to see what was a plan on paper come to life in your very own backyard.

Do You Want Your Very Own Sanctuary?

Yes! Let’s Go…
Hi Alisha and Tarnia,
We were delighted to see our garden area completely rejuvenated with native plants and well blended landscaping. On that basis and also with excellent back up service, we have no hesitation in recommending AT Garden Spaces.
Lynne & Barry FitzpatrickClient

The garden brings us such happiness and calm, all due to your good work and knowledge. We often go out there and just watch the bees going from plant to plant and marvel at how much the garden looks different to when we just randomly planted anything anywhere.

We have planned the spaces together, however the superior knowledge and experience of the team has informed the wonderful results thus far.
Our existing treasured plants have thrived under their care and my garden work load is now non existent.
We have an excellent team who maintain our garden and plan fabulous new projects, which meet our environmental and cultural needs.
We love the attention to detail which reflects the teams knowledge of our lifestyle and our homes history.
Hard working, well informed and extremely professional, we are fortunate to have a team who work closely with us and provide such splendid results.