Alisha Tummons

Alisha has been professionally landscaping for over 12 years, and even more so if you count her days growing up in her families garden…

In the time of her professional career she has developed a real passion for designing gardens that are inspired by our Australian Landscapes, whilst caring both for their clients and the environments needs, through sustainable practices in their designs.

“I am continuously studying the environment, in her most purest forms, to see how we can imitate this back into the homes of all of our clients. I believe in caring for our environment in order to preserve it for generations to come, through sustainable practices within our designs and looking at the overall garden as a holistic living elelment.”

Her philosophy of “Return To Nature” encompasses the thought that everyone should be able to have an intimate relationship with Mother Nature, where they care for her and she in turn cares for them.

Having successfully achieved qualifications in Landscape Horticulture Certificate III and Landscape Design Certificate, Alisha focuses each garden design around this philosophy of “Return To Nature” where they work with Mother Nature and not against her.

You will more often than not find Alisha enjoying her own garden, with her partner Tarnia, Labradoodle Angus and their Burmese cats, Chi, Olivia and Gilbert. Experimenting on new ideas, composting techniques and these days deep into creating a stock free / veganic garden, free from any form of agricultural animal input.

Alisha is an enthusiastic plant based life style advocate, which clearly flows into her work of creating intuitive landscapes that coexist with nature. Finding her inspiration from Mother Nature herself, you will be able to find her exploring the Australian Bush, camping in the Alpine High Country or hiking a local trail to home. Most of all Alisha finds the best of her surfacing when she is in the depths of creating a garden, for one of their many clients, with her partner Tarnia.

“I love what I do and the more people I can share this passion with, helping them rediscover a part of themselves they may never have known, through nature, brings an absolute joy to my world. I want every project we undertake to be one of close relationship with our clients, to help us understand their needs and that of the environments. I truly believe the more people that discover what Mother Nature can bring into our lives the more they will want to take care of her and all that is apart of her world.”

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Alisha & Tarnia from AT Garden Spaces went above and beyond in giving us an amazing landscaped native garden that benefits both our property value and local fauna.

Our small suburban front yard was completely transformed from neglected grass and plants to new soil, a dry creek bed and a plethora of vibrant native plants that complement each other and attracts bees and bird life. What a difference it has made already!

Alisha & Tarnia were always professional, helpful and creative throughout the planning process, with the added bonus of imparting their sustainability knowledge with us. These women work twice as hard as any landscaping business we’ve ever encountered, and produce better results for less or the same cost for their clients. No generic designs, their vision is unique, excellent plant selections, and they are truly passionate about not only the work they do but how their work contributes to biodiversity.

We would highly recommend their services and look forward to working with them both in the future. We have been enjoying our front garden as much as the bees that are pollinating it. Thanks Alisha & Tarnia!

Cranbourne East, Vic

Belinda & Sean TurnbullClient
Thanks to Alisha & Tarnia we were delighted to see our garden area completely rejuvenated with native plants and well blended landscaping. On that basis and also with excellent back up service, we have no hesitation in recommending AT Garden Spaces.
Wheelers Hill, Vic
Lynne & Barry FitzpatrickClient

Speaking to Alisha and Tarnia before appointing them for our outdoor works, we found them to be very professional and it was complemented with a warm and friendly approach.

Working with them was a very pleasant journey. They were very generous with their advice and guidance. Whatever works that were out of their expertise, they worked very hard to have them organized and done through their extensive network of contacts. Being on a tight budget, they also took great efforts in ensuring that costs were kept low but at the same time not compromising on the aesthetic aspects of the project.

At the end, we could not find any faults with their workmanship and we are certainly very pleased with their design and the finished result of the soft scapes.

Wheelers Hill, Vic